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Send Cheryl Hann To Space!

photo by Jon Eisener

Cheryl Hann of Picnicface has always dreamed of seeing the Earth from orbit. It’s been her greatest wish ever since she was a little girl. When her mom called her to let her know that Metro Newspaper announced a contest that would send the winner into space, she dropped everything and launched a campaign to accrue votes. Based on what I’ve read on Facebook and the article she wrote for VICE on the subject, she might die if she doesn’t win. If she gets enough votes to make it to the final round and ultimately into orbit, she might die for other reasons. Here’s what she told VICE:

If I win – well, fuck. If I win, I’ll be happy. There isn’t a word yet for this kind of happiness. I don’t know what to expect from this experience except to have the wonders of the universe take a dump in my mind. I guess I’ll probably take a hundred thousand pictures, and then put my camera away when I realize it’s preventing me from really seeing what I came to see. I’ll probably try and catch my space-tears in a jar so you can all taste them, too.

Read the whole article here.

If you have any heart you should vote Cheryl into space. GO HERE TO VOTE CHERYL AS MANY AS 10 TIMES PER DAY. As her Picnicface cast mate Mark Little wrote, “Go to space, Cheryl. Go to space.”

UPDATE: Cheryl’s camp just posted this rousing rap campaign video. Enjoy.

Oh yeah and watch all of Picnicface’s videos and stuff.


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