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Paul F. Tompkins – The Video Game

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to tell jokes just like your favourite stand-up comedians? Too afraid to get on stage and try it yourself? Now you can do it from your couch with Paul F. Tompkins: The Video Game. Laugh Sabbath Alumni Adam & Dave directed this sketch for Jon Dore’s Funny As Hell on HBO Canada so this totally counts as local content.


Laugh Sabbath Born Again at Comedy Bar

It’s been two long months but the wait is finally over: Laugh Sabbath is back, baby! Toronto’s funniest comedy collective has parted ways with The Rivoli after a healthy 6 year run at the legendary club and have moved into some new digs at Comedy Bar where they’ll be every Thursday starting this week on February 16th. I know this reads like advertising copy, but I just such a fan of this bunch of comedians, I get a little aggressive. Check out a little preview of the Laugh Sabbath regulars gracing the stage for the rebirth.

James Hartnett & Tim Polley (Performing separately, I assume, but together in this classic sketch)

Kathleen Phillips

Tim Gilbert

Chris Locke

Hosted by Brian Barlow

And that’s just the first one! If you haven’t ever seen these guys before, I strongly urge that you do. That’s all I can say really.

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Mark Forward talks about death, kills on Ferguson

Mark Forward has been solid as Mr. Leung, the weirdly hostile librarian, on CBC’s Mr. D lately. But if tearing up the Canadian airwaves (yes, I get TV over the air) isn’t enough for ya, last night Forward made his American television debut with a very funny appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. With all his talk about death, it was pretty appropriate that he killed.

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Fun Time Internet asks: “How many Dads is too many Dads?”

Watch this touching video if your kid has ever asked, “Why do I have so many dads?”

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Dave Merheje Rejects That Foolish Notion

If you present Dave Merheje with some bullshit, he will dismiss it out of hand.

If you liked that, you’ll be interested to know that Dave and Gilson Lubin will be playing Glenn Gould Studio for CBC’s LOL radio show February 16. Click the pic for tix! (I just came up with that and now I’m thinking I’m pretty clever)

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Real Professional Duo Give The Great(Grandma)est Gift Of All

Claire Stollery and Katie Uhlmann cordially invite you to watch Real Professional Duo‘s premiere holiday video A Very Office Christmas. In the spirit of giving, the hosts ask that, in place of a gift, you give the gift of family! Please bring a wrapped, kidnapped family member you no longer need. Family members should cost no more than $20 and be no less that 80 years of age. Come share in the yule tide revelry of literally picking apart your loved ones for your own enjoyment!

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Hamburger Sandwich presents Friendship: The Boardgame

Maintaining a friendship is very easy and fun for all ages! Simply follow the instructions included in the box, advance yourself by randomized increments for arbitrary reasons with the goal of beating the other person to an imagined finish line. Hamburger Sandwich show you how it’s done in this handy instructional infomercial. Remember, friendship means never having to say, “SORRY!”

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Steve Patterson’s Letter To The Editor

As a blog writer dedicated to writing stories about comedians, I thoroughly enjoyed this video of Steve Patterson, host of CBC’s The Debaters, reading his open letter to “Mainstream Canadian Newspapers.” He poses the same question I’m sure every comedian has asked him or herself plenty of times before: Why do newspapers and media ignore hilarious comedians but salivate over musicians, actors and even authors. Filmed on stage at the 2011 Canadian Comedy Awards ceremony, Patterson’s playing to a home-field crowd and the whole thing is a little “inside baseball,” but he makes a great point.

Side bar: Does anyone know if the New York Times has published another comedy profile? This one on Hannibal Buress was apparently the first of a new bi-weekly feature. They should have posted another one by now. Is this it?

(Thanks to Dom Pare for posting this!)

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