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Marty Topps’ Odes (Plural) to TapouT Gear

Putting on a killer comedy show can be expensive, especially when you go above and beyond a brick wall and a microphone. That’s something Marty Topps knows all too well – his Marty Topps House Party shows feature a DJ, confetti cannons, a professional dance pack, special effects, the whole wazoo. A growing list of expenses has pushed a number of local producers to seek out sponsors and Topps is no different. Recently he recorded some new theme songs in hopes of attracting some sponsorship dollars from his favourite brand: TapouT Gear.

“I made the tunes as a proposition to TapouT for a rebranding,” Marty told me. “Their marketing dept ( ended up blocking my e-mail address after I wouldn’t stop sending in my songs (true story).. so I put a couple of them up on Soundcloud.

“As far as an actual sponsor, I am currently on a sponsorship campaign, generously giving TapouT Gear unsolicited, free advertising at my shows and on my social media. I just love the shirts. Think they’re great shirts!”

While the money may not be pouring in from TapouT yet, Marty’s next show March 2nd (that’s tonight!) hopes to raise some much needed cash for his show’s producer. From the invite:

Tragedy has struck our producer Brandon, but WHATEVAR! Who cares! Cuz it’s given us an excuse to throw the biggest, highest profile Marty Topps House Party show we’ve ever done! We’re raising $1,000,000.000 one penny at a time so don’t forget to bring your pocket book.

With dubiously promised appearances from big time Canadian celebs like Kim “Kitty” Katrall, Paul “Gross!” Gross and Brent “The Butt” Butt, it should be a great show.

Here’s a little taste of last month’s 10th Anniversary show for the uninitiated:


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One thought on “Marty Topps’ Odes (Plural) to TapouT Gear

  1. Tarty Mopps Block party is tha bomb

    Posted by Sameer | March 6, 2012, 8:35 pm

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