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Guest Post: The Roast of Dan Ramos

The following is a guest post written by my friend James Boyd about another friend of ours, comedian Dan Ramos. Maybe you’ve heard of him? Maybe yes? Maybe no? Well, either way this is going to be a good read. I won’t say anything else because James says pretty much everything you need to know.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Toronto stand-up and actor Dan Ramos for many years. And in that time I’ve collaborated with Dan on countless comedic projects. So it’s safe to say I’ve seen Dan do a lot of ridiculous things to try to get laughs.

I’ve seen him fall off a kitchen table and break a lamp. I’ve seen him pull down a fellow cast member’s pants on stage. I’ve seen him run through university lecture halls in a banana suit screaming while being chased by a 7-foot gorilla. I’ve seen him drink paint.

From performing poetry about fisting, to miming having his head shoved into an anus, Dan will do and has done anything it takes to get a rise out of an audience. Heck I was even witness to him kissing the editor of this very website on the lips (a smooch which was Mikey’s first and only on-screen kiss up til now I believe.)

But this Saturday Dan won’t have to do a thing to get laughs. He won’t even have to get up out of his seat. You guessed it, he’s being roasted.

Dan is leaving Toronto at the end of the month for the big stage of New York City after over 7 years contributing to the local comedy scene. As a parting gift the members of his sketch comedy troupe Touch My Stereotype (TMS) have organized The Roast of Dan Ramos, this Saturday night at 10:30pm at Comedy Bar; tickets are $10. The event will feature many of Dan’s collaborators and contemporaries roasting and performing tributes to him, including members of TMS, The Raisin Gang and Fun Time Internet.

In my completely nonobjective opinion, Dan is a truly special comedic talent and the chance to see him on stage one more time should not be missed. And better yet, proceeds from the show will help Dan in paying for his move and fulfilling a dream.

If you aren’t familiar with his work and want to evaluate his chops before buying a ticket, you can find hours of his material on YouTube including a feature length doc I made about him from a couple years back.

But if you’re looking for a quick sampling, here’s some good stuff to start with:

Stand-up (Montreal 2007)

– This is a few years old, and the quality isn’t the greatest, but it showcases Dan’s ability to command a crowd while delivering the craziest of material.

Prom Day

– Dan’s always been great on camera and on Saturday in addition to the roasting there will be video clips shown of the best acting work Dan did while in this town. This short is right up there, as it won the 24-hour Film Challenge in ’08 and co-stars Comedy at the Ossington’s Stephanie Kaliner and Jeremy Mersereau.


In addition to performing Dan is also an inventive and accomplished video editing wizard. He put together this video for TMS. “What is Sparkles?”

Music Class

Dan broke into the TO comedy scene with Ryerson’s sketch show RIOT. Here’s a skit in which he essentially improvised the dialogue anew at each performance.

– James Boyd

James is Toronto-based videographer and editor. He co-owns and operates Single Space Productions, a video production company, and occasionally he still shoots and edits short films for his funny friends.


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