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It’s Hard Out There For A Super Hero

Young white males truly are the super heroes of our society, don’t ya think? They are given special powers (privilege) by some higher power (parents) and they are thrust into deadly conflict (like, a job, I guess) to defend the world from the encroaching darkness that surrounds us (…this kind of took a racist turn I didn’t expect). And just like a super hero, young white men face an internal struggle. With great power comes great responsibility. And with great responsibility comes crippling malaise that just crushes your spirit, yo. “I’ve got to live up to your expectations? Why can’t I just take what I’ve been given for granted? Why can’t I just stay home and ‘work’ on my ‘art?’ You know?” Fun Time Internet knows. And they feel your pain. Their new video The Green Lantern’s Plight shows you’re not in this alone and you deserve more respect than you get. When that next XBox Live bill comes in, go ahead, call Mom and Dad. Don’t be a hero.

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I'm a comedian and a university graduate who couldn't find a job so I started a blog.


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