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The Full Zelda Experience

Video games are a lot like prostitution. Patrons of both pursuits vary in their level of engagement, running the gamut from casual users to regular appointment holders to the “only-as-an-excuse-to-hang-out-with-my-buddies” crowd to complete addicts. Playing Call of Duty is just like paying for sex because doing either can give you a false sense of accomplishment but they are both, without a doubt, preferable alternatives to keeping a girlfriend. Certain Johns will pay sex workers for something called The Girlfriend Experience, a phenomenon explored in the so titled film I am too shy to rent starring porn-anomaly Sasha Grey. Finally, video games are getting the same treatment. Thanks to Josh Saltzman‘s new video, those of us too bashful to find out for ourselves finally get an inside look at what it’s like to invest your entire emotional range into something that won’t love you back.

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