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Great Nights With Matty D

Late Night with Matty D is a new late night comedy show airing on Rogers TV. Filmed on location at Toronto’s historic Cameron House, host Matty D (real name Matt Drappel) showcases some of the funniest young comedians and sketch troupes the city has to offer. Here’s the story of Late Night with Matty D in the words of Matty D himself. The following interview has been edited, just a tiny bit.

Host Matty D (centre) and crew on the set of Late Night with Matty D

Host Matty D (centre) and crew on the set of Late Night with Matty D


How’d the show get started? Was there any one moment that made you think there needed to be a show that showcased young talent in Toronto?

The idea for the show came to me one night at The Rivoli. I had gone to see a comedy show at the Comedy Bar and saw some pretty funny comedians. Two days later, there I was at The Rivoli seeing another comedy show and recognized a bunch of audience members that I’d seen a few days earlier at The Comedy Bar. I realized that the comedians were performing to basically the same people… it didn’t matter what venue it was…. The audience was the small group of people who attend small comedy shows in downtown Toronto… There was no doubt that IF the comedians were to ever become “big” they would have to begin performing to a more diverse audience, primarily a TV audience.

I was working at a production company when our intern, Andrew Smyth, showed me the link on the Rogers TV website saying that anyone can submit a proposal for a TV show and they would look it over. It sounded too good to be true.

We began working on the basic outline of Late Night with Matty D, brought Taylor Graham on board to solidify the vision, pitched it to Rogers TV and got a 1-hour special that aired on their New Year’s Eve Comedy Block – 2011.

We actually aired right at 12:00am on Jan 1st, 2011. It was a pretty crazy way to start off the year.

The pilot was a success, and we negotiated with Rogers TV to do an 8 episode first season. I gotta mention that pilot’s success was largely due to a stacked line up of comedy talent that night: Joel Buxton, Eric Andrews, Georgea Brooks-Hancock and sketches by Cheap Smokes, Jape & The Riot.

What’s your goal with this show? What sort of impact do you hope to have?

My goal for this show is to give these amazing, young, comedians and sketch troupes, an opportunity to be seen by people outside of the Toronto Comedy club scene. It’s about exposure, it’s about creating a step in-between an open mic night and a Just For Laughs showcase. I would be so happy if a “famous” comedian one day says, “I got my first break on Late Night with Matty D”

Is there anybody you really want to have on the show that you haven’t already had on?

There are so many people I want on the show. LadyStache is a sketch troupe that I tried to get on the show in Season 1 and it didn’t work out. If you haven’t seen them yet, please go check them out. So funny. So consistently funny. That’s the thing with them… no bad sketches… so impressive.

K Trevor Wilson is a comedian I find crazy funny and would love to have on the show one day. He has a story about going to his first orgy… I nearly wet myself laughing so hard. Also, I’ve loved everyone we’ve had on the show out of Comedy Records…I’d love to have the rest of the guys on the show soon too.

How much rope does Rogers give you? Do you guys shoot anything you wanted to air but couldn’t? Anything too risque for broadcast?

Rogers TV has been great with us. Yes, there are many things we can’t say or do on Rogers and yes, there were MANY things we shot that will never be able to be shown… (Thanks, Chris Robinson & Paul Thompson for all your hard work but Chris, we couldn’t air your exposed testicle and Paul, we couldn’t air your repeated use of the phrase “white devil” …sorry, boys)… but it has been a great experience. It’s part of the challenge that we all love so much about making this show.

In your opinion, what could Toronto comics, promoters, media outlets, etc. do differently when it comes to supporting our local talent and industry?

I think Toronto has an amazing comedy scene. There are so many places that people can go to see shows, open mic nights, etc… I would just love to see more of the major outlets, the big time broadcasters, taking an interest in young comedians. Places like CBC and the Comedy Network have the built-in audience to launch people’s careers… but they tend to be more interested in finding a comedian from the 80’s who wants to return to the spotlight… Spoken with all due respect to Ron James, etc…


What has been your favourite part of making the show thus far?

My favourite part about making the show is… I don’t know. I really love it all. That sounds cheesy, but I do. I have my own Late Night show… It’s pretty awesome.

But I guess, it’s that 2 hour block of time when we’re at The Cameron House actually shooting the episodes. The cameras are on, the audience is having a great time, we’re laughing, dancing, partying… All the hard work pays off. It’s an amazing feeling.

I especially love my opening monologues. Taylor Graham and I spend many hours working on making them funny but also painfully honest. The monologues are all very personal but I think it makes for a more interesting show that way. As a host, I love connecting with an audience and frankly, making jokes about Rob Ford doesn’t connect us. My story of getting rejected by E-harmony on Valentines Day… That we can connect over.

I have to say, there is nothing better than nailing an opening monologue in one take! Seriously, nothing better.

What’s been the hardest part so far? Any unforeseen challenges?

The hardest part about making the show… I have to say is the editing of footage. We get so much amazing material, so many hilarious moments and the truth is not everything will be able to fit into a 30 minute TV show. Deciding, with my amazing team of Andrew Smyth and Taylor, what will stay and what will go is pretty tough. That and figuring out how to hang the Red Curtain that is our set… that’s always such a hassle.

Sidenote: If youre ever going to try to make your own TV Show, have an amazing editor onboard. Andrew did such a crazy good job of sifting through a whole lot of nonsense to find some pretty amazing stuff. I think we have some seriously funny stuff on this show.

Are you going to be making a second season? What can we expect in the future?

We will definitely be making a second season. There are so many comedians and troupes that still need to be showcased… plus a whole lot of comedians that need to continue their exposure. We are in discussions right now as to where that second season will be available. More on that soon…

But I am already getting requests from comedians to be on Season 2. It just proves to me that we’re on to something that could be really cool.

The future is that we want Late Night with Matty D to be on a major broadcaster so that all of Canada can see how amazing the comedy talent is in Toronto.

There are a bunch of ways to connect with Late Night with Matty D:

New Episodes: Every Wednesday @ 11:00pm on Rogers TV
Repeat Episodes: Every Saturday @ 11:00pm on Rogers TV

*Episode #2 airs Wednesday, October 19th on Rogers TV*

**Episodes will be available ONLINE at Rogers On Demand Online soon!!**

Twitter: @lnwmattyd
Facebook: Late Night with Matty D


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