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The Canadian Comedy Awards Obviously Exist

Over the last couple weeks, a huge chunk of the chatter in the inTOcomedy comment section has been about our lack of coverage or even tacit acknowledgement of the Canadian Comedy Awards & Festival 2011. What’s that? There is zero chatter in the inTOcomedy comment section? Well the laws of math state that zero is still a huge chunk of zero. The annual celebration of Canuckler Chucklers (my term) is upon us and exactly zero people have mentioned it or asked about it. Triangle, the theoretical readers of this stupendous publication are wondering why I haven’t mentioned the CCAF at all when it seems that it would be no-brainer way to fill up this piece of the Internet. It’s almost as if you could accuse me of being a lazy blogkeeper. Whatever I am, from October 13th to 17th you can feast your eyes and ears on dozens of shows and galas featuring nominees and I’m sure you’re begging to know which ones get our stamp of approval. So, by popular demand, here are what look like some highlights:


Friday October 14th: Phillips & Crown at Comedy Bar (9:30pm)
Katie Crown and Kathleen Phillips reunite to give us a taste of their critically acclaimed show “OUR LIVES WORK!” These Laugh Sabbath alums are nominated for Best Comedic Play, Revue or Series in addition to being two of the funniest, most original performers in the country. And since Crown spends most of her time in LA these days, they’re only around for a limited time. This show is not be missed.


Saturday October 15th: Comedy Industry Panels at the Delta Chelsea Hotel (1pm – 7pm)
Wow, I may have just outed myself as a major dork, but these industry panels look really good. Plus, I don’t really care to investigate the listed sketch and improv troupes too deeply because that would involve watching too much bad web video. We could all learn a thing or two from Lindsay Ames (“That Thing That Happened”) and company at the Web Comedy panel.


Sunday October 16th: Stand-up Comedy Gala at Panasonic Theatre (7:30pm)
Shaun Majumder (22 Minutes) hosts a showcase of this year’s nominees for Best Stand-up (Male and Female). This show will be full of real professionals who offer serious laughs for paying customers, so you’ll understand my hesitation at picking this. I’m more enamored with the starving artists who offer irreverent chaos to hostile drunks. Admittedly though, anything called a gala would be a nice change of pace. Here’s a video of nominee Darrin Rose doing his thing on Comedy Now!


Monday October 17th: 12th Annual Canadian Comedy Awards (7:30pm)
The actual awards! Find out who will take home the hardware and subsequently update their twitter profiles. This is also the only thing happening on Monday. Since it’s sold out and I’m too lazy to chase down a press pass, I’ll probably be at the open-mic at The Imperial Pub. It’s a long way to the top.

Full schedules and list of nominees can be found at


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