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I love it. You love it. Even my cousin Ben likes it. And he doesn’t eat anything! He used to eat a peanut butter sandwich on Thanksgiving but he’s finally figured it out. I’m talking about turkey of course. The most succulent of all poultry. Tastes great smothered in gravy right out of the oven AND as leftovers smothered in mayo in a sandwich. Plus, it’s big enough to feed your whole family. Why don’t we just eat Turkey all the time? Oh, right. Because it feeds your whole family, and to eat of one thing, groups of people usually have to be in one place. Turkey – the Bravo!FACT short film written and directed by Sara St. Onge and starring Kathleen Phillips, Aaron Knight and Inessa Frantowski – shows that like the best cranberry sauce, family gatherings can be bittersweet. Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

Check out more short-film comedies at the Bravo!FACT blog.


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