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Doctor’s Appointment by Fun Time Internet

Going to the doctor’s office can be like getting your haircut at a fancy salon: it smells like weird chemicals and your mind is consumed with suppressing an inappropriate boner. It’s also similar because you and the doctor/hairstylist speak a different language. In their professional capacities, the caretakers of our bodies have developed an elegant vernacular to navigate our most personal details in an inoffensive way. They have to because they face these details all day, every day. But in the meantime, any dingus walking in off the street is going to be like, “Yeah, can you just make it look not dumb?” or “I don’t know if it’s a dull or a sharp pain, just gimme some pills.” It’s a constant, frustrating struggle. This video from Fun Time Internet starring Chris Locke and Aaron Eves is dedicated to professionals everywhere who have to deal with the idiots that don’t know what they’re talking about: Us.

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