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There’s a lot going on in the world of Toronto comedy. I can’t always cover it all. I know, bogus. Thankfully, there are other news outlets that occasionally cover the local scene. Here’s a selection of some of the top comedy news stories from the past month.

The sudden passing of Makesi Arthur stunned the Toronto comedy community this past month. By all accounts he was a smart comedian and a good person who loved to laugh. Read more about Makesi and the impact he left on his fellow comics in these stories from Torontoist and The Grid.

Nick Flanagan and Kathleen Phillips spent an afternoon sitting outside The Drake General Store pretending to be psychiatrists. At first I thought this story was kind of innocuous, but the more I thought about Flanagan and Phillips giving advice using their comedic personae, the more frightened I became for anyone who may have taken them at their twisted, lewd face values.

Rick Mercer won another Gemini for his less-than-excellent show. I love Rick, but having him run around at maple syrup festivals, pandering to “regular” Canadians who wouldn’t know satire if it ate their children is a waste of a precious resource. Don’t you understand CBC? We’ve only got so much Rick Mercer to go around. We’re not being sustainable about our Rick Mercer use!

Doug may love movies but not as much as most Torontonians hate our mayor. Doug Benson rolled through town to do a bunch of shows during TIFF. While he was here he recorded two editions of his popular Doug Loves Movies podcasts. As he made his sign off, he wiggled his way even further into the hearts of our pot-loving citizenry by announcing, “Rob Ford is shit head.” We’ll ignore the fact that it was drawn at random from a pile of crowd suggestions, but you can’t ignore the huge applause it garnered. On behalf of the whole city I just want to say, “Thanks Doug, we know.” (P.S. At the Doug Benson Live show I went to Sunday night at Comedy Bar, Sean Cullen was high as shit.)


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