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Fresh Meat 2011 Preview

Fresh Meat is a celebration of Toronto’s best up and coming comedians and sketch troupes. This Monday September 12th, 20 or so acts will be performing on Second City’s mainstage in hopes of making their way into the top five for Cream of Comedy and the Tim Sims’ Encouragment Award (and I guess $5000). I wanted to preview some of the performers so I went to YouTube and searched each of their names. If I couldn’t find anything, I just put “Couldn’t find anything” next to their names. Let that be a lesson to all you aspiring comedians, if I can’t find it on the first search, it’s your own fault. Ain’t nobody gonna do you no favours, especially a lazy non-journalist like myself. Get your internet act together. WITHOUT FURTHER ADO:

Ashley Mofatt (couldn’t find anything)

British Teeth

Catherine McCormick (couldn’t find anything)

Danny Polishchuck

DJ Demers


Guy Alaimo

Ian Gordan (couldn’t find anything)

Jessica Fitzpatrick

John Schabl

Jordan Sowunmi (couldn’t find anything)

Julie Kim (couldn’t find anything)

Keven Soldo

Kirk Jorgenson

Kris Hagan (couldn’t find anything)

Luke Gordon Field (couldn’t find anything)

Mark Edwards

Sam Feldman

Steve Patrick Adams

The Regulars

Vest of Friends

Break a leg, y’all!

(If you are a comic listed here for whom I “couldn’t find anything” and you have something, shoot me an email with a link


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