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BIG NEWS ROUND-UP – August 2011

There’s a lot going on in the world of Toronto comedy. I can’t always cover it all. I know, bogus. Thankfully, there are other news outlets that occasionally cover the local scene. Here’s a selection of some of the top comedy news stories from the past month.

#KerrVsZedlacher2011 goes up in “Flames” (via The Grid)

Get it? Because they took shots at each other on the internet? And that’s called a flame war? Still no? Well you’re an idiot. Do you even have the internet? These guys do. And then they did something on stage. Which is weird, because that’s, like, the opposite of the internet.



Mark Forward and Craig BrownCraig Brown and Mark Forward snag a deal for “Stand-Up Showdown” (via The Grid)

Insight Productions announced they have a deal with an unnamed Canadian network for Brown and Forward’s elimination show first unveiled at Pilot Week 2010. You’d guess it would be on the Comedy Network, but the project was conspicuously left off that network’s just announced slate of homegrown development.


Colin Mochrie gets roasted by a “who’s who of who’s that?” (via

A panel of comics you might recognize took to the dais at Comedy Bar this week and put the “Whose Line is it Anyway” star in his place: at the head of the saddest thanksgiving table ever. Self deprecation abounds! Check out this recap from Amanda Brooke Perrin.



kevin sorboKevin Sorbo headlines Comedy Bar (via Torontoist)

TV’s “Captain Dylan Hunt” had the Herculean task of hosting four hilarious shows in one weekend heaped upon him like a pile of garbage. I had my doubts about whether he could pull it off, but by weekend’s end he was Walking Tall 2 out of Comedy Bar like his name was Frank Atwood.


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