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Joke Alert: Why Your Parents Don’t Love You by Steve Patrick Adams

These are some heavy, heady times we find ourselves living in. The pressures of the modern world facing today’s youth are in many ways unprecedented. Growing up with the Internet – with its Facebooks and its Wikipedias and the relentless onslaughts of mostly-useless data that comes with ’em – has alienated the Millenials from the previous generation and warped our worldview into something crass and perverted, something our parents will never understand… Also we’re lazy and like to play with cats. Steve Patrick Adams gets it. When he’s not doing stand-up or performing with Big Tease, he makes a web comic about it for called “Why Your Parents Don’t Love You.” The weekly dispatches explore themes like desperation, confusion and the absurdity of Doritos – all familiar ideas to the cold-hearted children of the 9/11 decade. But also, like, whatever. Who cares.

Here’s a taste:
Steve Patrick Adams - Why Your Parents Don't Love You - Google Plue Invites

This kind of behaviour is exactly why your parents don’t love you. And here I was thinking it was because I don’t have a real job.

Check out Why Your Parents Don’t Love You on and follow Steve Patrick Adams on Twitter @StevePAdams


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