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Q & A with Nathan Macintosh, Televised Comic

Winning awards for comedy is like giving another person an orgasm. The first time might be a total fluke, but if it happens more than once then you’re doing something right. Since arriving on the scene five years ago, Nathan Macintosh has been giving comedy blow jobs all over town (this had proven to be a weird analogy) winning the Tim Sims Encouragement Award in 2007 and then the Best Newcomer award at the Canadian Comedy Awards in 2009. Now, he’s won the ultimate prize that all Canadian comedians strive for. No, not a US work visa. His own half hour Comedy Now! special airing on CTV this Saturday Aug 6 at 10pm. This week, I caught up with Macintosh to see what makes him tick. Using this information you might be able to figure out how better give him an orgasm…? I should really plan these things out before I start writing.

Your Comedy Now set was taped almost 18 months ago. Is it weird to see your old material being presented as something new? How do you feel about those jokes today?

Has it been 18 months? Man. Actually, I haven’t watched the special. I like those jokes! That was my first 4 years of comedy right there. I don’t do really any of them now. If you were to watch that then see me, totally different stuff. I still wear that shiny jacket everyday though.

Now that you’re on TV and CTV and Comedy will probably re-run your special through the decade, how do you plan to exploit your notoriety?

I plan to run onto the field of a Jays game and just scream “Do you know who I am?” Then after the crowd cheers “I think I may have seen you before!”, I’ll strike out the batter up.

You’re a regular on the Nubian Show (aka The All Black show) at Yuk Yuks and you have a great joke about why you prefer dating black girls. Being a pasty white guy, can you explain your appeal to the black community?

I love the Nubian show. When that audience loves a joke, it’s the biggest reaction you’ll get in the city. I think they like me because my voice sounds like the one black people use to make fun of white people. Or maybe they just think I’m crazy. People like watching crazy people. And as far as my love for black women, opposites attract sir. Well, I’m attracted to them, I don’t think it works the other way around.

What other communities, if any, do you hope to be embraced by?

The animal community has been a tough one to break into. I’m really trying animals! None of them have come to a show. Unless yelling drunk people count as animals.

What’s the deal with Halifax these days? Between you, Picnicface and That’s So Weird, it seems like your hometown has become a hotbed of Canadian comedy these days. Are they putting ground up funny bones in the Keith’s?

In school we take english, math, science, and then 7 hours of watching old red skeleton videos and throwing pies at each other. The East Coast has always been the funniest part of this country. Ask about us. We don’t stop.

Over the last couple years you’ve won a bunch of awards and now you’ve conquered television. What now? How’re you going to top all that?

Have I conquered Television? I didn’t know that! Sweet, I can knock that of the list of things to do with my life. What was next on the list? Hmm, make a jacket for watermelons. I didn’t think I would get to that so soon in life, but here we go. Oh, and talk to black women.

You can see Nathan Macintosh on CTV August 6 at 10pm. Follow him on Twitter @nathanmacintosh. Photo courtesy of Nathan Macintosh.


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