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IN.TO.COMEDY is Seeking Contributors all the work with none of the perks

Want to write for a comedy blog but never get paid? I know I am.

Me here at am looking for fellow Torontonian comedy lovers with a knack for crafting beautiful sentences, just like this one. I’ve been trying to document the very exciting comedy scene in this city, but one man can only do so much with absolutely zero funds coming in. I WANT TO STRESS THAT THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO FUNDS COMING IN. Maybe you can help change that. I write this blog in hopes of creating a space to showcase local comedians and their work and to build my own writing portfolio. If you or anyone you know is interested in doing the same thing, I am looking for a handful of writers to help widen the scope of the blog’s coverage, attract more attention to the site and add some new voices to the mix. Hopefully somewhere down the line, we can all get paid.

If you are interested please send me an email telling me a little about yourself, a brief summary of what Toronto comedians/shows you think are exciting as well as a couple samples of your writing (links only, no attachments please). Application deadline: a soft May 31st.

I can be reached at

Thanks in advance,
Mikey Kolberg


About Mikey Kolberg

I'm a comedian and a university graduate who couldn't find a job so I started a blog.


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