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Hold Your Applause Embraces A Format

hold your applause podcast mark forward adam christie bob kerr behind a tree

I feel weird writing about podcasts. Podcasts are filled with so many words that adding to that total seems counter productive. If you want to listen to a podcast, you’re going to listen to the podcast. You don’t want to read about whether or not you should listen to a podcast. Plus there are so many podcasts out there that there is scarcely time to listen to the good ones – let alone read about them – on top of all the blog reading, video watching and re-tweeting that we fill our days with.

That being said, as a blog with a mandate to cover Toronto’s comedy scene, I would be remiss to omit coverage of Hold Your Applause and the new direction they are embracing of late. Since December 2009, Bob Kerr and Adam Christie have been getting together with a special guest to talk about whatever. The format has been something akin to “friends hanging out making jokes.” Along the way they picked up (retiring?) Mark Forward and together these three have taken shooting the shit to the next level. Peruse the blurbs from even the first page of entries on their site, and you’ll find a diverse list of unrelated topics including ‘dying at sea,’ ‘caves that are so hot,’ ‘the fact that Mark has only read one book,’ ‘spider dance clubs,’ and ‘Garfield.’ But stupid jokes aren’t all they do. Last week’s episode with Todd Glass saw the gang talk about how emotionally wretched it is to put down your family pet. Also China! It’s been hours of directionless fun with just a little poignancy thrown in for good measure.

But the directionlessness stops now. Starting this week with Episode 63 aka Episode 1 aka The Imagination Episode, Hold your Applause is embracing format for the first time. It’s still loose and open ended, but each episode is now bound by a theme – this week it was Imagination – and there are semi planned segments with actual concepts. Of course within the bounds of ‘Imagination,’ Mark and Adam (going it alone while Bob is in Winnipeg for the Winnipeg Comedy Festival) manage to talk about ‘a restaurant that doesn’t serve food,’ podcasting at the end of the world, and ‘a book bag of bees.’ Next week’s theme will be… announced sometime in the future.

Again I find myself without much to say other than that Bob Kerr, Adam Christie and Mark Forward are all really funny. If you want to listen to funny people talking about stuff for an hour check out Hold Your Applause. Now, with a format, at least you know what they might be talking about. Sort of.

Subscribe to Hold Your Applause on iTunes or follow them on Twitter. The show’s account is @HYApodcast, Bob is @MrBobKerr, Adam is @TheAdamChristie and Mark is @Mark_Forward.


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