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Joke Alert: Tom Henry Interviews The Stars

Celebrities are very popular. That’s what makes them celebrities! We see them on TV and on the cover of magazines in the checkout line, but what do we really know about these people who watch us buy things? Tom Henry wants to know more. He wants to figure out what makes these famous people act so famously. How is Clint Eastwood cool? Where does Roger Ebert’s inspiration come from? Why is Sofia Coppola allowed to make movies? You don’t have to ask anymore because Tom Henry asked for you.

Here’s a sample snippet of a conversation he had recently with Sofia Coppola.

tom henry sofia coppola interview

Check out Tom’s blog for more interviews and other bits of hilarity. If enough people look, maybe we can convince him to update it more often! The people want more hard hitting journalism, Tom.

Follow Tom Henry on twitter @thegreatgatsby


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