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Mikey’s Top Picks from My Tapes April 2011

Like clockwork, with another second Thursday of the month comes another edition of MyTapes. It’s literally a monthly show! Like every month, there’s some gold and some less precious metals. I wasn’t crazy about this month’s winner. The tragedy of democracy is that the guy who gets the most votes always wins. With that in mind, here’s the videos I thought were more worthy of the $100 prize.

Meatloaf is the story of a young girl who forms a special bond with her meal after refusing to eat the dinner prepared by her parents. To me this is an allegory for the triumph of individual rights over the oppressive nanny-state. Obviously.

Written and directed by Josh Saltzman. Starring Inessa Frantowski, Josh Saltzman, Cole Osborne, Norm Sousa, Gary Rideout Jr., Alana Johnston and introducing Tara!!!

He-man (Of Love) is a passionate love letter played to the tune of the He-man theme song. This guy really has STRONG feelings, if you know what I mean. (What I mean is that He-man is strong.)

By Van46 Digital

Babette Sinclair’s Fishin’ Magician’ on OLN is a show I would watch. It’s also a show I helped make indirectly. And when I say indirectly of course I mean that I helped in no way whatsoever. I am part of their sketch troupe though.

By The Raisin Gang (Marissa Caldwell, James Boyd, Tom Conway) and featuring Joe Tavares

So those were my favorites. But that’s just like, my opinion, man. If you really want to see all the other videos you should probably bug James Gangl. Ball’s in your court dude.


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