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“Goodbye Sara Hennessey” premieres TONIGHT!

Tonight’s Laugh Sabbath show marks the debut of the hotly anticipated (by me) new web series, Goodbye Sara Hennessey. It’s a show about Sara Hennessey getting dumped and her subsequent attempts at self improvement. Featuring a cast of familiar faces from the Toronto comedy scene, GSH promises to entertain the crap out of me. I spoke with the titular star to find out just how much of the real Sara Hennessey we’re going to see on screen.

“Goodbye Sara Hennessey” is about you getting dumped by every guy you go out with. I assume this is based on your real life. What is it about you that repulses men and drives them away?

Listen, there’s a few things that drive all the sexy men in my life running for the hills. But I’d have to say the biggest is my habit of analyzing my own dreams at length into a personal voice recorder, then playing it back repeatedly; Usually in slow motion while staring directly into their eyes, especially at the dinner table. No big deal, right? But apparently that causes ‘indigestion’ and ‘kills the mood’ and no one has that many ‘apocalypse’ and ‘Larry David steering a tug boat’ dreams.

I find that disgusting, but then again, I am easily disgusted. Surely there must be someone out there with “unique tastes” that would find this charming. Maybe you’re looking for love in the wrong places. Where do you go when you’re looking for a mate?

Mandarin. Or any saucy establishment mere steps from the highway.

That’s strange. I’ve always found “Mountains of plum sauce” to be a very effective aphrodisiac. Have you considered that you may be the problem? In the show, your character tries to improve herself in hopes of finding love. Have you ever radically altered your own personality to trick other people into liking you?

I’ve definitely considered that I am the problem; but I usually get distracted and/or tired. Like a toddler. The closest I’ve gotten to tricking people into liking me is I’ve ‘altered’ the ‘truth’ to come off as ‘more punctual’ than I ‘actually’ am. Though I am always on time for lunch, man. I love lunch.

On the off chance that you do manage to clean yourself up, you might be able to be a little more selective in your choice of mates. Is your ideal man more like Han Solo or Indiana Jones? Or perhaps a character from a film not played by Harrison Ford (though I can’t imagine why?

Space belt or whip, he’s the same person retard. Seriously though, I loved The Fugitive!

I know this is a bit of a stretch, but what if one day the tables are turned and you’re in a position to do some dumping? How would you tell your hypothetical boyfriend that it’s over?

I would gasp in horror and point past them. When they turn to see the commotion- I dip into an elevator. Classic break up. (The break up would have to take place by an elevator for obvious reasons..)

Only sort of related… How many dozens of cats do you plan to own and what will their names be?

Listen, buddy… great question!. But truly, I will probably just continue to live vicariously through my cat-owning-friends. Like an unlovable aunt.

There you go. Straight from the source. You heard it here first. Now get thyself to The Rivoli, my son.

Check out the trailer for GSH

The first two episodes premiere tonight. Episode 1 “Sara Gets Mysterious and Spontaneous” guest stars Bob Kerr, Norm Sousa, Rebecca Kohler and Conor Holler. Episode 2 “Sara Gets Maternal” guest stars Chris Locke and Coleen Ramage. See all this and more at The Rivoli (332 Queen St W.) tonight for Laugh Sabbath presents Talent Show!. 9pm. If you can’t make it to the show you’ll be able to see the episodes online at Go for it!


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