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Tonight’s Best Bet: Laugh Sabbath presents Poppa Proppa’s House of Jokes

WHAT?: A variety show of Laugh Sabbath grade comedy hosted by Canada’s oldest prop comic – Poppa Proppa. Is it just me or does Poppa Proppa bear a striking resemblance with Brian Barlow?

Chris Locke
Steven Boleantu
Big Tease
Darryl Orr
Tom Henry
James Hartnett
Jingle Jangle

WHY?: Because on the seventh day, the bearded space man joked around. Respect the Laugh Sabbath, guys.

WHEN & WHERE?: 9pm February 20th at The Rivoli (322 Queen St. W)

WHAT ELSE?: Check out Poppa Proppa in action.


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I'm a comedian and a university graduate who couldn't find a job so I started a blog.


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