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Joke Alert: Mark Little’s Swollen Members Fan Art

I can only assume that like anyone who watched Much Music from 2000 to 2005, Mark Little was saturated with images of Prevail, Mad Child and Moka Only throughout his youth. Swollen Members got so much play on that channel that Rob the Viking must have had some serious blackmail worthy shit on Rick The Temp (WHOA! REFERENCE!). It’s only natural that a comedian of Mark’s vintage is excited about the biggest Canadian Hip-Hop artwork contest of all time. Swollen Members are hosting a contest calling for fans to create the cover art for the release of their entire back catalogue and Mark has answered! His tumblr page has been filling up with drawings and photoshops and with so many entries he must be considered a front runner for the grand prize:A bunch of leftover shit from their storage container A sweet Swollen Members prize pack!

This one is my favourite.

mark little moka only fan art swollen members

I’m not sure which album it’s supposed to be for, but it should definitely win.

UPDATE: So apparently Mark wasn’t making these images FOR the contest so much as he just happened to be making Swollen Members fan art (sign of a true fan) and Swollen Members just happened to be hosting an art contest. It’s an East Coast meets West Coast coincidence miracle! Mark told me he’s going to start making entries for the contest in earnest. I smell a vote drive campaign…

I know he’s not really from Toronto, but you can see more at Mark Little’s Tumblr page and follow Mark on twitter at @markmarklittle.


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