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Joke Alert: Fun Time Internet’s Most Anticipated Fake Films of 2011

As one of Fun Time Internet‘s longest running features, Lackluster Video has been diligently documenting the world of terrible movies since 2009 (that seems a lot longer than it seems). Bo Swidersky watches the worst movies in the world so you don’t have to. That makes him an expert on what makes something unwatchable. So for the second year in a row, Lackluster Video’s list of The Most Anticipated Fake Films of the year is truly remarkable in it’s terribleness.

Here’s a snapshot:

Mummy Daddy

Mummy Daddy

Lee Vincent (Jon Hamm) is a struggling B-movie actor and single dad. Once an Oscar-nominated thespian, the only starring roles Vincent can get these days are in schlockbusters like Dr. Frankenstein M.D. and Wolfman of Alcatraz. While shooting the SyFy Channel production of The Mummy vs. the Giant Glob, Vincent somehow drowns in a swamp while wearing his mummy costume. He’s then miraculously resurrected by a stray bolt of lightning, and the undead Vincent must now rescue his kids from the clutches of his rich, ruthless father-in-law (Robert Loggia). Meanwhile, another stray bolt of lightning hits the silicone gel used for the Glob effects, bringing it to life, and the Glob consumes everything in its path. Can Mummy Daddy save his kids? And Cleveland? And make a SyFy film that doesn’t suck?

The sad part of is, some of these movies look so bad, they could probably get made.

See more at and Follow Bo Swidersky on twitter @IMDBo


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