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Review: “Our Jokes Could Be Your Wife”

Last Thursday after a tough day at the “office,” I happened upon this nugget of a tweet. I had planned on doing nothing – something I do well – but the promise of major sets from Chris Locke and Michael Balazo intrigued me enough that even good TV and the absence of a companion couldn’t keep me on the couch. I had seen both Chris and Mike a number of times before but extended jokes at a new place couldn’t be missed. Plus, my mom pointed out it would be a great opportunity to hand out business cards and promote the blog. So I hopped on the subway and ventured into the bizarro world that is north of Bloor street.

To my surprise, 1059 Bathurst is – as Balazo would remind us numerous times throughout the evening – a private home. The first floor of the semi-detached house has been converted into a theatre with rows of plastic chairs lining what would normally be a living room. A stage stands in the front window bay and the whole place is lit like a darkroom. I’m one of the first few people there and, without a buddy, I decide I’m going to “live tweet” the whole thing.

Oh yeah! There was a GIANT WOLF HEAD lingering above the stage. It looked like it was from a stage production and was the size of a small bear. You could tell the house was full of artist types. Only artists have these kinds of things. Host James Hartnett addressed it as Fran Drescher at one point.

Anyways the private home fills up and the show gets started. Hartnett announces that he is part of some church group and that tonight’s show is called “Our Jokes Could Be Your Wife.”

I was going to write about the sets but there were so many jokes that it would probably be boring. Both Locke and Balazo were hilarious. Michael was best when regretting all the time he spent with his living stereotype of a piano teacher Margaret Snelgrove as a teenager while his peers were certainly all getting blowjobs. Chris almost killed me when he compared his body to a baby gorilla, pointing out that his butt could wear a hat. Some jokes didn’t work, most did. These guys are worth seeing.

What I took away from this show at the weird little house of jokes was a question. Chris Locke and Michael Balazo (not to mention James Hartnett and a handful of other comedians in the audience) are both really funny and accomplished, so why are they playing in this weird little house? I’m not trying to knock the venue – it’s like one of those awesome secrets you talk about to impress people – but I couldn’t help feeling that these comedians should be playing to bigger rooms; buildings with more than one toilet.

Michael Balazo, left, and Chris Locke under the heat lamp.



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