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I’m (NOT) Going to This: $#*! my Mayor Says at Second City

UPDATE: So apparently the show is canceled tonight as Second City is closed for a private function despite the NOW listing, and the listing on the Second City website. So let me emphasize this: Don’t go to Second City tonight Next week I guess?

In my inaugural blog post I wrote that I was looking for the Toronto comedy scene to get more “political.” Generally, Torontonians are too polite or uninterested in talking about our leaders in any substantive way. I have a feeling it may have to do with a fear of alienating people who might have different beliefs or an unwillingness to fully expose one’s self to an audience. It may just be Canadian comedians are not as strongly opinionated about politics as our American and British counterparts. Admittedly, Canadian politics are not as interesting as in the US and UK, but maybe some hard-ass satire and comedy could liven up the debate a little bit.

So it will be with high hopes that I make my way to The Second City theatre tonight for the second installment of $#*! (shit) My Mayor Says. The new show offers “current events comedy about our city” and promises to make municipal politics as exciting as ever. With Mayor Rob in office for at least the next four years, all we can really do is laugh. So, will this be the comedic outlet we, the people, so desperately need? Or will it be another re-run of 22 Minutes? I intend to find out!

Oh, and music from Jay McCarrol of Nirvana The Band The Show? Bonus!

$#*! My Mayor Says
Monday Nights at 8:00 pm.

When the city’s headlines and sports teams are enough to make you cry, The Second City finds reasons to make you smile – whether you’re a pinko left-wing kook or a budget-slashing tea-party-wannabe.

Written & Performed by Jason DeRosse, Nigel Downer, Alastair Forbes, Stacey McGunnigle, Alice Moran, and Rob Norman.

Directed by Kerry Griffen. Musical Director: Jay McCarrol

Tickets: $12.00 + HST
Dinner & Show packages available. Contact box office at (416) 343-0011


Honestly, that little blurb makes me nervous. But I’ll let you know what I thought tomorrow!


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One thought on “I’m (NOT) Going to This: $#*! my Mayor Says at Second City

  1. ummmm i dont really want to read all of this could u just liek sum it up in a sentnce 4me?



    Posted by the k hole | January 20, 2011, 5:21 pm

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