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I’m Going to This Tonight!: Empire Strikes Back Deleted Scenes

Andy Hull as Darth Vader and Alex Tindal as Luke Skywalker

Comedy Bar’s Festival of New Formats continues tonight with a show that promises to do what George Lucas never could, add value to my favourite movie of all time. The Empire Strikes Back Deleted Scenes casts Toronto’s “best improvisers” as characters from Irvin Kershner’s 1980 masterpiece “Star Wars 2” and expands the beloved Star Wars universe in a way that doesn’t involve ruining it. To be fair, the Cloud City exteriors looked really good in Special Edition.

Friday January 7th 2011 10pm @ Comedy Bar FREE

Come see the improvised scenes you missed from literally the greatest film ever produced. The whole cast is here to recreate the deleted scenes not available on any of the 70 different versions of this movie you can see on dvd! Come see this once in a lifetime show created by Pat Thornton and Andy Hull and starring Toronto’s best improvisers!

Alex Tindal as Luke Skywalker
Tat Maslany as Princess Leia
Pat Thornton as Han Solo
Andy Hull as Darth Vader
Jon Blair as Chewbacca
Sean Tabares as C3PO
Chris Locke as R2-D2
Darryl Hinds as Lando Calrissian
Sarah Hillier as Yoda
Jason Derosse as Emperor Palpatine
Mark Andrada as Boba Fett
Scott Yamamura as Hoth Rebel Soldier

Brendan Halloran as your host
and Glenn Macaulay as George Lucas

I guess I know what I’m watching on DVD this afternoon.


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